Artist Eye Gallery

Laguna Beach, California

Donald R. Britton

I have been surrounded by artists virtually all my life.  I received my first drawing instruction at the age of six from my father.  We were living in New Mexico at the time and he was an avid amateur landscape painter there.  Although I dabbled in painting off and on for years, my first career took a different path into neuroscience research.  However, in 2004, I committed to painting full time and have found it to be one of the most engaging things I’ve ever done.  I am indebted to Mark Tompkins, Skip Whitcomb, William Scott Jennings, Jim Wilcox and Gregory Kondos for their generous comments and assistance.

My subject matter ranges from the desert Southwest to the California coast to the peaks of the Tetons.  Living as I do on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, the Sierras are a wonderful source of inspiration.

Most of my work consists of studio paintings.  However, they begin with field trips, lots of photographs and usually some plein air sketches to help define the composition and color relationships.  The final studio painting comes from an amalgam of these sources along with whatever else seems needed to best describe the setting and help express its particular beauty.

I am a member in several professional organizations including:  Oil Painters of America, California Art Club, North Tahoe Art Association and American Society of Marine Artists.

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