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Laguna Beach, California

Donna Walling

Donna Walling is an award winning artist who has exhibited in California, Florida and Washington, D.C.  She has loved color and design her entire life.  A childhood passion for coloring books combined with an academic background in sociology (B.A. University of Michigan) and business (M.B.A. San Francisco State University) provided her with the tools she needed to successfully own and operate Designs Unlimited – an interior design and retailing business located in the Greater Washington, D.C. area.

While creating great designs for others Ms. Walling continued to take drawing, painting and sculpting classes whenever possible.  Eventually she developed a longing and passion to specialize in fine art.   She states that she, “loves the integrity and immediacy of painting and sculpting”.

Currently, she splits her time between the southern coasts of Florida and California.  Her bi-coastal existence means that she is constantly inspired by the patterns of nature as their motion collides with the stories of humanity. Her most recent focus on the colors of sea, sky and sand explores the interaction of man and water.  A new story is constantly unfolding through the figures in her paintings.

I sit at the beach and observe, sketch and photograph to prepare references for my paintings.  I search for visual inspiration from the patterns and colors of nature – the sea, sky and sand – as well as emotional connection to the people I observe on the beach.

Back in my studio I strive for strength in my paintings through the use of strong color decisions and expressive brushwork.   I hope to intrigue and delight my viewers with a narrative between humanity and nature that they will find endlessly engaging.

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