Artist Eye Gallery

Laguna Beach, California

Susan Leonhard

Susan Leonhard was born in Burbank, California and grew up in the rural foothills of nearby Shadow Hills. She comes from a family of artists and began oil painting at age 10. Susan describes herself as a self-taught artist with the benefit of creative genes.

Susan’s love of nature, rural landscapes and the ocean is where she finds her most inspiration. It was while snorkeling in Kauai in 2014, that she began visualizing how to capture the underwater to canvas. After much experimentation and study, her series of contemporary water paintings, “Underwater & Beyond” came to life. In 2017, she expanded her series to include coastal scenes from Laguna with a surreal approach, in which the sky & water meet on large canvases.  

“Infinity” is one of her most recent paintings from this series.   Whether above water or underwater, Susan focuses on the reflective light, transparency and the many colors of water itself.   “Infinity” gives the illusion of the ocean and sky being one and gives the viewer a place to loose themselves in the peacefulness of water.